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Budget Maestro Helps Retailer Manage Health Insurance Costs

One wouldn’t think budgeting software would help companies manage changes related to the Affordable Care Act, but it does.

And one of our customers, Hames Corporation in Sitka, Alaska, recently spoke with Supermarket News (@SN_News) on how Budget Maestro is helping them to manage personnel and personnel related expenses (PREs).  Supermarket News quotes Maxwell Rule, chief financial officer, Hames Corp.,

“The ability to analyze and budget labor and related benefit costs has been invaluable, particularly in light of the unknowns and challenges related to the Affordable Care Act.  We can now accurately budget and monitor our healthcare costs, even down to the specifics of an individual employee’s health plan options.”

Read the full story here.

We’re curious – how many of you are using budgeting software to gain visibility into the changing costs of health insurance?

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