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Budget Maestro
Customer Testimonials

Budget Maestro benefits users by streamlining their financial planning processes, enhancing productivity, and strengthening financial operations.


Budget Maestro and Analytics Maestro have helped us to not only improve the overall budgeting process, but has enabled the University to capitalize on our growth opportunities today while better preparing our institution for the future.”

– Michael Dei,
Planning and Budget Director, Financial Operations,
Houston Baptist University


Budget Maestro has proven to be a valuable resource in the long term financial health of our growing organization.”

– Pat Keppler,
Finance Manager,
Wood’s Homes


Without the Maestro suite of solutions, our team would still be at the stage of trying to create a process to handle our annual budget and planning approvals instead of actively preparing for the future.”

– Michael Dei,
Planning and Budget Director, Financial Operations,
Houston Baptist University


By automating this process, I can spend more time working side by side with the staff to strategically evaluate budgets and identify opportunities for improvement across our programs.”

– Pat Keppler,
Finance Manager,
Wood’s Homes


I’ve been in this profession for more than 30 years and I have found trust to be the single most important factor when investing in any kind of data management tool. I trust the Maestro suite of products. Budget Maestro has empowered us to establish forward thinking processes in the financial management of our people.”

Scott Elliott
Macias Gini & O’Connell LLP


Budget Maestro gave us the flexibility we knew we needed, but thought we couldn’t achieve. It allowed us to totally change our approach to the budgeting process.”

Kyle Raeder
Director of Reimbursement & Financial Planning
Community Care, Inc.


I trust Centage as an invaluable partner in ensuring the financial health of my organization.”

Dave Davis
Loftness Specialized Equipment


Budget Maestro was very intuitive and the workforce planning module was especially attractive as we needed to get a better handle on our personnel expenses across each business unit. The ease of use, coupled with robust reporting and drill down capabilities made Budget Maestro the right choice for us.”

Mark Howell
Pumps, Parts & Service, Inc.


Budget Maestro is a strategic financial management tool that enables us to improve the budget process every year and fine tune our operations as we go.”

Kyle Raeder
Director of Reimbursement & Financial Planning
Community Care, Inc.


Having relied on Budget Maestro at three different organizations, it is the best solution I have found for manufacturing organizations to more easily and reliably budget and plan for the future.”

Dave Davis
Loftness Specialized Equipment


Budget Maestro is one of the company's most strategic FP&A investments in the last 6 years and critical to our successful expansion and growth. It has more than paid for itself in only the first year and is a critical enabler to our continued growth.”

Kristie Goodgion
VP & Corporate Controller


By automating the process and centralizing all the financial data, across departments, managers now had the insight necessary to track costs and sales, and within the first year of using Budget Maestro, the company realized a noticeable reduction in costs.”

Scott Lazenby
Senior Financial Analyst


Before Budget Maestro, it would take us two or three days in Excel to show the impact of adding a major new greenfield project or selling a part of an existing asset. Now we can model changes in a matter of hours.

Gina Aspromonte
M3 Midstream Controller


Prior to using Budget Maestro we created our budget using many excel workbooks that were precariously linked together and hard to refresh and update. Our budget is now more secure and robust, and due to the product’s user friendliness it was fairly easy and quick to set up. I would definitely recommend Budget Maestro.

Kelly Kern
Sr Financial Reporting Analyst
Overture Networks


I looked at several products in the marketplace when evaluating budgeting software. Most of the products were okay in calculating payroll taxes. However, Budget Maestro was very accommodating in calculating payroll taxes, and I liked the price point. I'm the only person in my organization that uses Budget Maestro. It beats Excel. Before I had 38 worksheets in Excel and these were linked together. I spent more time verifying my numbers with the different worksheet tabs. With Budget Maestro, I know what the big picture is.

Jeff Simon
Director of Finance
Pel Supply Company


Budget Maestro is a nice product, we're doing well with it. We actually like the way the account groups were set up in Budget Maestro so much, we are going to modify our ACCPAC accounting system to match.

Greg Doyle
AVP and Controller
McLean Budden


With Budget Maestro, we now have much better data. We can get to a level of precision and accuracy unheard of with other tools.

Ken Davis
Davis Beverage Group


Reporting in Excel was always a challenge; we couldn't really have different scenarios of the data. With Budget Maestro we can easily combine period ending balances to create different versions of the data and then blend that information into various financial and operational reports. For us, that's very powerful!

Lee Kexel
Budget Analyst
Riggs, Counselman, Michaels & Downes


We use Budget Maestro to compile budgets, compare actual results to budget and to reforecast. The tool has definitely helped us to achieve greater insight into the business that we didn't see previously using Excel. Now when our sales department forecasts changes in the volumes, up or down, we can easily see the repercussions on profitability and cash flow.

Brian Joyce
Divisional Controller
Stoneway Concrete


I just received your voicemail for follow up on our support issue. We were able to restore the budget files and fix the issue we were having by utilizing the direction of your support team. The gentleman (Robert) was very friendly and knowledgeable and, overall, this first experience with a support issue outside of the initial year of implementation was a very good one. Thank you for your help as well in regards to this issue.

Traci Darin
Controller / Logistics Auditor
ClearTrack Information Network, Inc


The ability to use Budget Maestro to analyze and budget labor and related benefit costs has been invaluable, particularly in light of the unknowns and challenges related to the Affordable Care Act.

Maxwell Rule
Chief Financial Officer
Hames Corp.

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