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ERP System Data Integration with your Accounting or G/L System

ERP System Data Integration with your Accounting or G/L System with Link Maestro

Your accounting or ERP system is the heart of your financial management capabilities, not to mention a goldmine of historical data. Budget Maestro is designed to tap into that valuable information for budgeting, planning, forecasting, and reporting.

Link Maestro, an add-on to Budget Maestro, automates the exchange of financial information between your accounting/ERP system and Budget Maestro. This seamless connection between Budget Maestro and your ERP application makes it quick and easy to start your budgeting process and conduct month-end variance reporting and analysis.

Automated data transfer

Link Maestro transfers data from your accounting/ERP software into Budget Maestro in seconds, including:

  • Chart of Accounts
  • Trial balance data
  • Existing budgets in GL

This automated exchange of data:

  • Saves hours of work duplicating information in different places
  • Eliminates data entry errors caused by manual data transfers
  • Enables you to compare actuals to budget without cutting and pasting
  • You can build your budget without IT support

Compatible with popular ERP / General Ledger applications

Link Maestro has been designed to integrate with the most popular accounting and ERP systems:

New links are always being developed. If your accounting or ERP system isn't listed, Contact us

If you're not using one of these accounting/ERP packages, you can use pre-formatted spreadsheets templates supplied with Budget Maestro to simplify the process of importing your data.

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