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Which Budget Maestro budgeting solution is right for you?

Advantages of Budget Maestro software for budgeting over spreadsheets. See the difference

  Budget Maestro Feature Highlights Standard
Advanced Planning
  Users Supported Unlimited Unlimited
  Budgeting and Planning Requirements Simple Advanced
  Driver-Based Modeling Pre-Configured User Definable

Budgeting & Planning

  Formula-Free Assumptions
  Top-Down Allocation Methods Percent &
Headcount Only
  Fiscal Years Supported 7 Unlimited
  Versions ( Scenarios ) 10 Unlimited
  Operational Views 3 Unlimited
  Financial/Account Reporting Views
  Waterfall Recognition Schedules
  Spread Methods
  Built-in Business & Financial logic
  Intelligent Business Rule Designer
  What-if Scenario Planning
  Reforecast / Rolling Forecasts
  Bottom-Up Calculations
  Tiered-rate Schedule
  Driver-Based Allocations  


Plan Management

  Multi User Security
  Workflow Management  
  Audit Trail  


Revenue & Cost of Sales/Goods Planning

  Forecast Sales / Income Based on Cash
or (Units x Rate)
  Forecast Cost of Goods Sold
  Deferred Revenue Recognition
  Inventory Planning
  Multi-Component Costing  
  Forecast Revenue based on Bookings  
  Work/Construction in Process (WIP/CIP) Modeling  
  Bill of Material Reporting  


Workforce / Personnel (Payroll) Planning

  Payroll Planning
  Related Hourly & Salary Expenses
  Overtime & Shift Differential Assumption Support
  Full-time-equivalent (FTE) Planning
  Allocation of Personnel Expenses
  Global Merit Pay Increase/Decrease
  Automatic Cash Flow Requirement Reporting
  Plan by Individual Employee or by Groups of Employees
  Headcount Reporting
  Automatic Paryoll Tax Calculation
  53-Weeks Fiscal Year Support  


Capital Assets Planning

  Asset Planning
  Depreciation / Amortization Schedules
  Allocation of Depreciation Expenses


Debt/Finance Planning

  Line of Credit
  Interest Calculation


Other Features

  Income Tax Calculator
  VAT Calculation  


Business Intelligence & Dashboard

  OLAP Reporting & Analysis
[Powered by Analytics MaestroTM]
  Dashboard Reporting
[Powered by Analytics MaestroTM]
  Advanced Key Performance Indicators (KPI) Definitions Optional


Financial Analysis & Operational Reporting

  Automatic Consolidation
  Drag-n-Drop Report Designer
  Drill Down
  Variance Reporting
  Management-Style Reporting
  Presentation-style, Board Room Reporting
  Integrated P&L, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow
  Non-Financial Data
  Statement of Cash Flows Consolidated Only Any Level
  Balance Sheet Reporting Consolidated Only Any Level


Currencies & Language

  Multi-Lingual Support
  Multiple Currencies  
  Version Specific Currency Rates  
  Currency Translation   Optional


Data Integration

  Excel Integration (Pre-Built Excel Templates)
  Packaged ERP Integration
[Powered by Link MaestroTM]
      MS-Dynamics GP (Great Plains) Optional Optional
      MS-Dynamics NAV (Navision) Optional Optional
      MS-Dynamics SL (Solomon) Optional Optional
      Sage 100 ERP (MAS90/MAS200) Optional Optional
      Sage 300 ERP (ACCPAC) Optional Optional
      Sage 500 ERP (MAS500) Optional Optional
      SYSPRO Optional Optional
      QuickBooks Optional Optional
  Custom ERP Integration (NetSuite, SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft, JDE, Lawson, Epicor, etc.) Optional Optional



  Database:  Microsoft SQL Server
  Installation Time in Minutes
  Dynamic calculation engine
  Client/Server Architecture
  Hosted (SaaS On-Demand) Optional Optional


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