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Forecast and Reforecast with Financial Forecasting Software

Forecast and Reforecast with Financial Forecasting Software

Create a forecast based on all available information, and easily modify it as conditions change.

In a perfect world, your final budget and financial plan would last the entire fiscal year. Instead, the budget is an ever-changing document, reflecting changes in your operations, customers, suppliers, financing, or other factors.

Where you are and where you're going

Budget Maestro financial forecasting software makes the forecasting process productive and accurate, but also allows for quick adjustments as conditions dictate. This versatile forecasting software:

  • Centralizes data in a single database, not across numerous spreadsheets
  • Consolidates data automatically, providing real-time forecasts from summary to detail level
  • Reflects changes in assumptions about key business drivers or market conditions instantly, across the entire model
  • Generates variance reports of budget, actual, and reforecasted numbers
  • Facilitates comparison of multiple forecasts, e.g. Forecast with Flat Sales and Stable Healthcare Costs, vs. Forecast with 10% Sales Growth and 5% Healthcare Increase
  • Provides a long-term view, with the ability to create rolling forecasts beyond 12 periods
  • Allows you to quickly and easily compare Income Statements, Balance Sheets and Cash Flow Statements for multiple periods and versions
  • Allows budget managers to update their line items and generate accurate reports
  • Requires no labor-intensive formulas, macros or links

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