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Centage Webinars

Centage offers webinars dedicated to educating financial and non-financial managers about our products and their ability to streamline and improve financial management processes. We also offer webinars on budgeting and accounting topics of special interest to financial executives.

Recorded Webinar-Introducing Budget Maestro 7S – Easy to Use Tool for Accurate Budgeting, Planning, and Forecasting Year Round

Budget Maestro is the only automated budgeting, tool in the market that requires no formula programming, or model maintenance. All GAAP standard financial logic is pre-programmed in the tool- users define their business rules and the computer creates the model.

Now it has a SIMPLE User Interface to make structuring it to match your business model easier, more enjoyable and more productive overall. See how Budget Maestro eliminates the pitfalls and weaknesses of spreadsheet budgeting. Manage your business, not your spreadsheets.

Why Budget Maestro:
- Build an accurate, dependable budget model in just a few days- integrated with your GL structure, with automated, forward projected, Balance Sheet and Cashflow statements

- 100% Accurate Formulas and Calculations - every time

- Driver-based Planning - for more iterations

- Perfect Harmony with Seamless Integration to your General Ledger

- Integrated, Automatic, Precise Cash Flow Balance Sheet Generation

- Enables much more What-if Scenario Planning

- A fully customizable user desktop, with Windows 8 style tiles

- A new, intuitive, menu design for quick navigation

Discover in JUST 30 minutes if this is the year to automate your budget process and if Budget Maestro is the best budgeting, planning and reporting solution for your organization.

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Recorded Webinar: Financial Dashboard Reporting with Analytics Maestro

View a Recorded Webinar: How to Prepare Effective Financial Reports for Better Business Decisions

Analytics Maestro provides:

  • Numerous Key Performance Indicators, such as gross margin, cost per unit, pricing, etc.
  • Clear graphic representation of gaps between budget and actual data
  • Versatile analysis tools, including drill-down to underlying data, trend analysis, filters and multi-dimension hierarchies
  • Customized dashboards for stakeholders throughout the business
  • Speed and accuracy of OLAP reporting cube technology, the recognized standard for rapid execution time for the most complex ad-hoc reporting