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Increase Accountability with Budget Maestro Forecasting Software

Budgeting often plays out as a contest instead of collaboration. Line managers are asked to submit budgets that are then returned after being dramatically changed to fit the executive team's view of the business. In the end, managers don't take ownership and don't feel accountable.

This disconnect is aggravated by the cumbersome spreadsheet-based process used in many businesses. Spreadsheets are not well suited to the complex allocation of expenses across work groups, are prone to formula and macro errors, and are difficult to consolidate.

Budget Maestro budgeting and planning software creates a collaborative budget environment where managers can easily provide detailed projections including detailed notes without suffering any of the frustrations and failures of spreadsheets. With more complete input and fewer errors, accountability returns to the process.

Budget Maestro budgeting and planning software enables you to:

  • Involve managers directly in the budget process, using an intuitive interface to interact with the centralized database
  • Use existing, familiar G/L account numbers and names
  • Improve productivity with simple, menu-driven prompts written in plain language
  • Provide managers with reports that allow drill-down into the data, or let them create their own
  • Produce variance reports that show progress toward goals
  • Allow managers to attached documents and notes to any assumption

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