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Driver-Based Planning Software

When billable hours rise, your revenue and profitability follow. When square footage increases, so does your rent, utilities and other overhead. Headcount drives your salary and benefit costs. Units sold drives both cost and revenue elements.

What are the key business variables (KPIs) that drive the costs, revenues and success of your business? Are these drivers an integral part of your planning and budgeting process?

In Budget Maestro Advanced Planning Edition, user-definable drivers greatly enhance and simplify your budgeting and planning.

Customize your business drivers

Flexibility is key in driver-based planning. In Budget Maestro, you define the drivers; they can be financial or non-financial variables. Once you've created your list of drivers, they are available for use anywhere in your business model.

Any driver can be used for any line item to generate any type of unit, monetary or ratio calculation. Any changes to the drivers will automatically ripple through the related parts of your model. (If you change headcount, the system will automatically adjust salary and related benefit costs, as well as travel, training, and any other element that you've tied to headcount.)

The best part is that you don't have to create a single formula or macro. All the intelligence is built into Budget Maestro. No other business performance management solution makes it this easy.

Budget Maestro driver-based planning software enables you to:

  • Incorporate your key performance indicators (KPIs) into your planning process to drive consistency and efficiency.
  • Easily tailor your assumptions in the exact way you think about your business and operations, not what your general ledger account structure dictates
  • Use financial and non-financial drivers to help you track and calculate metric assumptions in any part of your plan - revenue, expenses, personnel, fixed assets, top-down allocations, bottom-up calculations

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