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Inventory Planning and Multi-Component Costing Software

Understanding the composition and value of inventory is critical, especially as businesses change directions or grow. Budget Maestro brings a high level of control and accuracy to multi-component costing and inventory planning.

Budget Maestro's multi-component costing and inventory planning capabilities apply both to physical products and service companies that forecast billable hours or hospitals that forecast number of procedures, etc.

Budget Maestro inventory planning software enables you to:

  • Accurately forecast finished goods and services that consist of single or multiple cost components
  • Forecast inventory level requirements based on bookings, sales, lead time or other drivers
  • See impact of any increase/decrease in costs on profit and cash flow
  • Specify the payment schedule associated with each component or finished good for accurate Balance Sheet budgeting and Cash Flow forecasting
  • Forecast your inventory based on minimum and maximum levels
  • Specify minimum inventory re-order levels
  • Establish the maximum inventory level remaining after the projected sales and inventory lead-time is considered
  • Auto replenish inventory levels based on sales / bookings and lead time
  • Accurately reflect your inventory on the Balance Sheet and changes in inventory as it relates to Cash Flow

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