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Budget Maestro Sales Forecasting Software

The viability of every business hinges on revenue stream driven by sales of products or services. Fully understanding the composition of sales and performance of the sales team is essential to understanding the business and how to keep it growing.

Budget Maestro sales forecasting software helps financial and line managers gain a complete picture of past sales performance and develop obtainable sales forecasts.

Budget Maestro sales forecasting software enables you to:

  • Develop sales targets across the entire organization based on consistent performance criteria and accurate data
  • Plan using top-down or bottom-up sales assumptions
  • Accommodate seasonal trends, new store openings, and other factors to create realistic forecasts
  • Create driver-based plans, where sales projections are based on number of bookings, salespeople, number of stores, previous sales revenue, website visits or other variables
  • Track and evaluate sales based on department, location, customer type, product, or other parameter
  • Easily upload actual sales numbers to create rolling forecasts that include actual and forecast data
  • Drive accountability for performance to specific regions, branches, managers, or salespeople through ongoing variance reporting

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