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"What If?" Scenario Planning and Analysis with Budget Maestro

Changing markets, new hires, new competitors, deep discounting. Changes from within or beyond the organization can have big implications on your bottom line. "What-if? " scenario planning shows you the companywide implications of a business decision before you make it.

Using Budget Maestro's built-in "what-if?" wizard to generate potential scenarios, you'll have answers to every "what-if" question that your management team may ask – in just minutes.

No one can predict the future, but Budget Maestro's business scenario planning capabilities help you prepare for it with more certainty and less risk.

Budget Maestro "what-if?" scenario planning software enables you to:

  • Quickly and easily modify drivers, revenue, expenses, and payroll assumptions
  • Easily update or create new versions of your plan based on what-if? scenarios
  • Globally apply increases/decreases to a single assumption or a number of entities
  • Save multiple versions for comparative analysis
  • Generate a new set of Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow and any management reports, on-the-fly
  • Consider a wide range of potential situations:
    • If revenue increases or decreases by 7 percent, what's the impact on profitability, cash flow and headcount?
    • What's the impact on financials if raw material prices increase by 5 percent or healthcare costs increase by 15 percent?
    • What's the impact on the business if we launch a new product line in March versus September?
    • What will be the short & long term effect of a merger on your bottom line?

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