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Workforce Planning Software

Payroll expenditures and related costs are typically the largest expense for any organization, yet many companies have trouble accurately planning and tracking all expenses related to their employees.

Budget Maestro payroll budgeting software changes that with a robust workforce planning software capability that plans and tracks payroll expenditures - including all salary-related expenses – for all employees in all periods, with no spreadsheets or formulas needed.

Budget Maestro easily handles all of the complications that derail spreadsheet-based tools – caps on FICA and FUTA, delayed starts on benefits, new hires starting in mid-month, etc. The system is ready for any of the special circumstances you may encounter in payroll planning and budgeting.

Budget Maestro payroll budgeting software enables you to:

  • Capture all personnel costs, including contract workers, part-time and seasonal
  • Budget payroll and benefits expenses by groups of employees, or down to the employee-level
  • Plan expenses for overtime, premium time and shift differentials
  • Easily allocate shared payroll costs to various areas of your operation
  • Generate headcount and full-time equivalent (FTE) reports
  • Forecast salary-related expenses based on individual employee, employee groups or full-time equivalents
  • Automatically calculate payroll and related expenses based on fiscal or calendar year
  • Budget your payroll expenses based on your work/pay cycles
  • Forecast payroll based on financial or non-financial drivers
  • Automatically calculate FICA, SUTA, FUTA and payroll taxes by individual state and country
  • Apply utilization rate by employee to get an accurate picture of whether your resources are being over or under utilized
  • Keep confidential payroll information private through role-based security

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